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Rari's World Learning Foundation, Inc., has set itself apart from other child entertainment facilities that may offer only one or two types of services. Parents desire these services and are frustrated because they must go to several different businesses or travel long distances to find these types of activities. The focus of the company is Play World and Tutoring.


Resources include collections of prior exam questions from each of the classes offered at the school pertaining to the child grade level with reviewing of the testing patterns. Students will be provided with study strategies to help them better focus their personal study time to better prepare for upcoming tests.


Students will be encouraged to review exam results to see where they still have room for improvement. Experience has shown that many of the educators use exams more for teaching tools than evaluation tools. Review of tests are therefore helpful in grasping concepts needed on future tests as well as gauging progress in the courses.


Private and virtual tutoring sessions are available, as well as small group study sessions. Students are encouraged to be prepared to understand the items they need assistance with.


The business atmosphere will be clean, friendly and upscale where customers will be comfortable leaving their children. We will offer a personal touch, fun innovative learning through play, studying and a memorable hassle-free facility.


Rari's World Learning Foundation Inc will establish safety measures for each child. The students will have their temperature check and hands sanitize before entering the Play World, which will consist of bounce houses and an obstacle course after each group of children leave the bounce house, the houses will be disinfected and sanitized to prevent the spread of any germs.


Ulexis Taylor
Rari's World Learning
foundation, Inc. 

Founder & Director

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